i'm now on Etsy!!

im excited to now be selling on etsy!
i have been listing some cute new things today. please go HERE and check them out!

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i love to make ones like these! i hope to get more made to sell. if your intrestred in something like this email me. mimisbutterflyfashions(AT)gmail(DOT)com

my model

i wanted to take a few pics of some of the clips in my nieces hair and this is what it turned into. all of them in her hair at once! i never did end up getting a normal one.


these are some cute headbands that are perfect for that little lady in your life.
headbands are great to help create a cute, fun and fast hairdo.
this one is super fun!! everyone needs a little hair bling right?
 i think this one is a cute subtle rocker chick one.
this one i made for my niece! i love it! i can't wait to make more of the rosette flowers, they are so cute and fun.

clippie sets

i think these are just so fun and give you such a great variety to add a little something cute to a simple hairdo.


i thinks every little girl needs at least one flower to wear in their hair.

i want this cute carnation to wear in my hair
and this one would be perfect and just so adorable on a new little baby's head.
and these are just so cute in my baby's hair when we do piggies right on the top of her head.